Sunday, January 9, 2011

CNC Programming Handbook by Peter Smid

CNC Programming Handbook, Second Edition
Industrial Press Inc.| ISBN: 0831131586 | 2003 | Scanned PDF in 7z archive | 529 pages | 125 Mb

Extraordinarily comprehensive, this popular and authoritative reference covers just about every possible subject a typical CNC programmer may encounter on a daily basis. Fully indexed to help the user quickly locate topics of interest, this "industrial strength" handbook presents most common programming subjects in great depth and is equally applicable to both CNC milling and CNC turning operations. Many advanced subjects are also covered, thus making this an unusually comprehensive reference for machinists, programmers, engineers, and supervisors. Filled with over one thousand illustrations, tables, formulas, tips, shortcuts, and practical examples, this widely respected publication is structured in a logical order that is readily adaptable to virtually all levels of CNC training, from the basic to the advanced.

P.S. For poor students only! Please buy the book when you get CNC-job. Please!

P.P.S. Now with accompaniing CD-ROM image.

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